Electric Scooter Fast Charger ( 60v / 72v )

Charge your electric scooter up to 6.5x faster with this fast charger.



Charge your electric scooter up to 6.5x faster with this rapid charger. This charger is for 60v (16s) or 72v (20s) electric scooters (select model before checkout) with dual gx16-3 charge ports and batteries larger than 20AH capacity. In conjunction with our Scooter Charger Splitter, this charger can be used on the go at any 110v AC wall outlet, or 220v AC Level 2 car charging station. This one charger will charge your scooter up to 6.5 times faster than one stock charger at 1.5 amps. Example: 20AH VSETT 10+ charge to full in 2.5 hours. This charger should be used under direct supervision in dry conditions. Never get this charger wet and always make sure there is proper ventilation when in use. Never use this charger on batteries that aren’t charging to 100% (66+v or 83+v respectively).

  • Charges electric scooters with dual gx16-3 charge ports, like the VSETT 10+ , or Makuta 10+, Kaabo, Varla, zero, ECT.
  • Must be used through TWO charge ports
  • Variable 110v – 220v input
  • Must be used on batteries 20AH or larger in capacity

Note: This product comes with our Scooter Charger Splitter as it MUST be used in conjunction with this charger. This charger has a maximum output of 10amps. Never attempt to charge a battery at 10amps through one charge port, always plug the charger into two charge ports.

  • This charger comes in two variations
    • 60 volt version with 67 volt 10 amp maximum output (9 amps plugged into 110v wall outlet)
    • 72 volt version with 83 volt 8 amp maximum output (7 amps plugged into 110v wall outlet)

These chargers DO output more watts when plugged into 220v power, for example, 9amps plugged in at home vs 10amps at a 220v car charging station using our Level 2 EV to Scooter Charging Adapter

If you have a question about which charger to use for your scooter, please email support @

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